If you love drugs but hate to read, we recap the week's most interesting news in the world of psychoactive substances. To inform, to liberate.

1. Drugs can change you forever, a new scientific review confirms. Many psychedelic drug users became permanently more "open" and willing to try new experiences.

2. Baseball and weed and Texas don't go together, apparently, as the coach for Texas Wesleyan told a Colorado high school player that he no longer recruits Coloradans because we can't pass the school drug tests. "You can thank your liberal politicians," the coach wrote the kid. The coach was fired …

3. … But! Weed and Russia and soccer apparently go together awesomely, as organizers of this summer's World Cup apparently announced that they would allow cannabis in the stadium as long as the fan has a prescription. The Moscow Times reports that you can even bring cocaine and heroin in, if you have a doctor's prescription for those. Which … wait, who has those?

4. LSD not only helped the Beatles write the "White Album," acid literally produces a new type of "harmony" in the brain, says a new review of MRI scan on the drug. These brain harmonics are "mathematically equivalent to the patterns of standing sound waves emerging within musical instruments."

5. Washington State is becoming chiller than ever about drugs, as a Seattle-area county said it won't prosecute possession of less than 25 pills or 2 grams of any drug. That's LSD, heroin, fentanyl, anything.

6. Time Magazine devoted an entire issue to the opioid crisis, which claims tens of thousands of lives every year. It included a mind-blowing photo series by war photographer James Nachtwey, who captured dozens of people shooting up, overdosing, and dying from the drugs.

7. To try to curb the epidemic, an ex-DEA official suggested a "pill tax" on opioids in his home state of Minnesota. Taxed at a penny per milligram, the money would go toward prevention, emergency response and treatment.

8. A bitcoin philanthropist named "Pine" has pledged to match donations to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies up to $4 million, although only up until March 10. MAPS is only four years away from legalizing therapy with MDMA — molly, ecstasy — and the money from the philanthropist, plus matching donations, will give them the funds they need.

9. Perhaps the world leader in cannabis research, Israel produces way more weed than it can smoke, and had planned to export $300 million worth of it. The Israeli prime minister halted that after hearing President Trump thinks drugs are bad, m'kay. Now they're stuck with bales of the stuff, and a $1 billion hole in the budget where marijuana revenue was supposed to be.

10. At his opioid summit, Trump suggested drug dealers should get the death penalty.

11. In the Mexican theater of the American War on Drugs, cartel violence continues to edge toward tourist havens, and this week narcos bombed a passenger ferry in Playa del Carmen, injuring 21 people, including seven Americans. Groups aligned with the Zetas took responsibility. It was apparently a warning to the local mayor. The group told her, "next time we'll do this to your house."

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