This probably didn't work out like he had hoped ..

When guys don’t get laid, they tend to do dumb shit. Like masturbate to unthinkable porn categories, flirt with the customer service reps or even drop standards from an 8 to a 4 — two 4s make an 8. They become delirious. Some might say desperate. No matter how dire the dry spell, however, we’d never type up a rant against women then duct-tape it to store windows across town hoping to deliver a delicious piece of life advice served with a side of cold bitterness.

That’s the track one man took and it’s most likely not going to get him any closer to getting warm with another body anytime soon. It probably felt good at the time to let it out, sufficing instead for yet another round of dry masturbation to clear the mind. But it’s not a good move. Take a break from typing serial-killer style notes and focus on finding a girl that delivers what you need. For this guy, it’s too late. He needs to hit the showers.

We do like the response to the guy's letter that some great person taped to the door.