But what have you done lately!?

Let's get this out of the way first: Don't watch this video. Ever. It's completely fucked. 

But since you're never going to listen to warnings, here you are, continuing on (or already scrolled down) to witness the two videos from Kasper Knight, an aspiring rapper and proud handgun owner.

Here's the reported story: Knight wanted to do some fucked up shit for a music video, but couldn't find a cameraman willing to film it — so he did it himself. In what appears to be an innocent drive around the neighborhood, Knight is seen filming himself in the driver's seat, when he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the face. 



What in the actual fuck!?

Knight says of the clip:

"I actually wanted to put this in a music video/ but no cameraman wanted to film it. So I did it myself since I felt like taking a bullet to the face.

Anyway, this was really nothing. I've been shot a couple times before and this was like a 4 out of 10 on the pain scale after the initial impact.

I look slightly disorientated after the blast. That's because my ears were ringing/ in pain. It was hard to focus on sound and although I assumed that i swallowed the bullet/ I wasn't quite sure."

Again, don't you ever fucking watch this …

He was fine, in that he didn't die. The hospital trip seemed to benefit him, as he looks to have minimal scarring. We're sure those doctors were ecstatic to be working on a trauma that was caused voluntarily instead of getting sleep or helping out someone else in need.

America 2016 kids, soak it in …