When the clock strikes 12p.m. on New Year's Eve in Ecuador and a new year is ushered in,  a giant effigy of Space Jam characters gets torched like a fiery inferno because…sure.

In America, Space Jam is a great movie with a orgasmically good soundtrack that shaped our childhood and made us feel oddly close to Michael Jordan.

But in Ecuador, Space Jam is firewood. Every year on New Year's Eve, a giant effigy, replete with a puking Monstar, is burned to the ground in a weird ceremony because…sure. Last year, they even tore a giant Bill Murray float apart to ring in the new year, for some reason.

Some background: in Ecuador, New Year's is celebrated by burning giant wood or cardboard figures. Normally they pick prominent politicians, but there's honestly nothing more prominent in the hearts and minds of people during the New Year than that crazy Michael Jordan movie where he plays basketball with cartoons in an alternate universe. Nostalgia!

Here's what Ecuador will be torching next Tuesday for New Year's. Our New Year's resolution? Move to Ecuador.