You'd think he'd be pumped. But it looks like someone just sack-tapped him. 

Imagine if your big brother won the Super Bowl. Even if you didn't get along with him, you'd probably crack a smile when he put the last nail in the opposing team's coffin, right? Well, Eli Manning was downright pissed off when the Broncos pulled ahead for good. He recently came up with an excuse, but watching it live is just damning:

Come on, Eli. Be a good brother for once. So as you can imagine, the Internet pounced and ruthlessly made fun of him. 

His excuse? He was thinking really, really hard. Because Eli does that all the time. 

“[I was] just focused on whether he was going for two," he told TMZ. "And the defense had to step up and make some stops."

Sure you were, Eli. To be fair, he looks that aloof and disoriented all the time:

So it's hard to really get that mad at him.