You could have an ass from Ohio and we'd still love you … 

Blake Lively, gorgeous movie star and wife of gorgeous movie star Ryan Reynolds, is hot. She went to a thing looking hot, and people took photos of her so men and women around the world could feel fuzzy tingles in their bathroom areas by looking at her. So far, the world is working exactly like it should.

She posted a photo of her looking hot on the Internet and quoted Sir Mix-a-Lot, which is fine. 

But then the Internet lost its mind, claiming that talking about her big ass by quoting a rapper who loves big asses is racist. 

Come on, Internet. Chill the fuck out. If she said something like, "I hate black people!" then we totally agree we should call her a racist. But as it stands, she's just a beautiful woman with a nice face and a great ass. Case closed. Now, enjoy more of how the world should work, which is not bringing race hatred into the simple pleasure of staring at a beautiful woman on the Internet.

There … isn't that better?