You think you have bars? Challenge yourself against others — we'll see who's got bars!

On an unsuspecting summer night in 2013, Big Sean unleashed " — a Kendrick Lamar (and Jay Electronica, as some forget) assisted track in which Lamar dubbed one of his most famous verses in which he called out a handful of popular rappers. The Internet was set into a frenzy, and the subsequent response songs flooded the airwaves (still waiting on Drake's, but that's none of our business). With King Kendrick's aggressive verse, the bar had been raised and any artist who wanted to make a splash in the  game had to step up their  game.

Things like this are often a good thing for those of us who wander the barren wasteland of Internet rap in search of an artist who isn't afraid to call himself the greatest (because if he or she can't believe it, it's often not true). This week, Box Mobile Network personality Leonard "Graffiti" Johnson put out this challenge to all rappers in the state: Raise the bar.

Through Box Mobile, Graffiti set up a way for artists to submit their own verses with the winner chosen by inline votes.

The official description:

So many rappers brag about how much doper they are than everybody else in the game now days. Everybody claims they "GOT BARS", Well here's your chance to prove it!!!   "Raise the Bar" is a Tournament style "Lyrical Challenge", allowing all artists to showcase their true emcee skills.

1. Choose from ONE of the classic instrumentals provided.
2. Spit your HARDEST BARS. No Limit. No Hooks. No fakery. NO SNEAK DISSING JUST BARS!
3. Submit your track to
4. All VERSES will be aired on "The Plug" radio show on Box Mobile Radio as well as posted on the Box Mobile App, Website and various social media sites
5. After all verses have been submitted THE FANS will vote and decide who really RAISED THE BAR!
6. The TOP FOUR artists with the MOST VOTES will move on to battle in a tournament style LIVE EVENT!
7. Winner takes home a CA$H PRIZE. Loser gets laughed at. Simple.

So far, almost every local artist you're looking for has dropped bars. There's plenty of "eh, nice try," a handful of "not too bads," and a surprising amount of "I think I've heard the voice of hip-hop God!" Click through the links and decide for yourself — make sure to vote for your winner before Saturday (Aug 15)!