LIfe is one big remix, and we're the stolen samples …

Because there’s absolutely no unique ideas left in the world and we all somehow keep allowing nostalgia to get the best of us, MTV2 has ordered a pilot to try and revive its late-‘90s stop-motion animated series “Celebrity Deathmatch.” The show, which ran between 1998 and 2002 (and saw a short revival stint between 2005 and 2007), pits two clay celebrities against one another in a bloody duel to whatever grotesque death makes the audience laugh the hardest.

In its time, the show ranked as one of MTV’s more popular airings, and saw the likenesses of Charles Manson battle Marilyn Manson, Hillary Clinton versus Monica Lewinsky and Eminem against Kid Rock.

Does it ever feel to anyone else like we’re in one global-scaled remix and each of us are samples stolen from songs and artists past? Are we really out of ideas as a species?