Last week marked a pivotal milestone for our dear friends in The Epilogues. The release of a new video for their single “Saboteur” was a third installment in a series of post-apocalyptic themed stories, again written and directed by Dillon Novak. The delivery of the video comes after the success of  "Hunting Season" and "The Fallout." The obvious connection between all three was a deliberate attempt to visually elicit the types of emotions that the band feels define the music.

“The video is just another case of how good our producer is and is an example of how we want to portray the band. Even though we’re not physically in the scenes, like in most music videos, we still felt the strong visuals were a reflection of our music,” says drummer Jason Hoke.

Consider this an appetizer of sorts, as the band has a busy summer ahead of them. Summer festival appearances, West Coast touring and a headlining gig on July 13th at The Bluebird Theater is just a short run of their active menu. Visit their Facebook page for a completely legal and socially responsible way to stalk them during paid downtime.