You think it's time to listen yet?

You know when you're doing too much of something, but your friends are too, so you all do it together and it seems like it's completely normal and rational? But then one day, you wake up and you have four burnt-out faces staring back, concerned about things like health and well-being? There were seventeen lines of whatever shared between the lot of you the weekend before, but now you're the one with the problem. Those who once enabled that lifestyle are now telling you to chill the fuck out. You think it's time to listen yet?

Recently, Mars Food announced plans to basically label some its products as really unhealthy for those who enjoy excess— directing consumers to eat what it offers in moderation (once a week) due to high levels of sugar, salt and fat.

The labeling is said to be a move to satisfy consumers' growing habits of following a more health-conscious lifestyle. The labeling will eventually be in place on its macaroni and cheese, lasagna pasta sauces and others.

Oddly enough, the campaign won't be extended to its chocolate or candy businesses — such as the M&Ms, Starburst and Snickers brands. So basically, we have a candy company telling you you're fat because of its products, but it's still cool to eat sweets and whatnot because who eats those for meals anyways, right? (hint: probably tons of people)

Still, "A" for effort, even if it is just a way for the company to save face in the eyes of the government and completely distance itself from the national obesity epidemic. ("We told them not to, not our problem.")

The company also announced plans to update its site with easy to read charts separated by products safe for "daily" consumption, and those advised for "occasional" cheat-days. 

This news may be sad for some of you gluttons who enjoy the habitual pasta on several occasions, but fear not, here's a bunch of vices that are really fucking good for you to build a bridge and get over it.