With some of you still in awe over the announcement of the iPhone X, your excitement might dwindle once you look down at your 6s with the shattered screen you still haven’t fixed. Don't fret, however, you're hardly alone. All Home Connections just conducted a survey regarding just how many people have heard that familiar crack.     

The survey was conducted with over 400 people across the United States and found that the most common place to break phones was a parking lot. Alongside those, bathrooms seem to be other areas of danger. Twenty-one percent of respondents said goodbye to their phones while relieving themselves.     

“I dropped my phone in the toilet of a public restroom. Needless to say… I did not retrieve it,” – 29-year-old male, broken two phones.     

So you might be wondering, am I at risk? Well, if you're under the age of 35 your odds aren’t great. According to the study, you are 58 percent more likely to break that precious piece of glass if you haven’t reached the golden age of 36. Other contributing factors of a broken phone include being unemployed (57 percent more likely) and having kids (20 percent more likely).       

“My son smashed my phone with a rock.” -29-year-old male, one kid, one broken phone.   

 “Twice I’ve had phones damaged by the squirrels I’ve raised.” -42-year-old female, 3 kids, three broken phones.     

At this point, some of you might think you’re in the clear if you’ve only broken your phone once. You might assume the universe already fucked you, so you’re probably in the clear. Wrong. The study’s findings show that if you’ve already broken a phone once, you’re 2x as likely to do it again. The universe has no sympathy people.

Now, these statistics might lead you away from scanning your face on that new iPhone x, or they might leave you optimistic. Maybe you’re determined to be part of the 28 percenters who have never broken an iPhone. Either way, carrying that kind of expensive technology around 24/7 is bound to come with risks.

So the moral of the study? If you’re going to drop $1k on the latest piece of technically genius, just make sure you’re using the utmost caution … and maybe bring something else to keep you occupied while using the latrine.  

[cover photo: Andrew Mager]