Here’s a fun hypothetical for you: COVID does its thing, and it leaves you with quite the conundrum when it comes to staffing your restaurant. It’s hard to retain staff, and you realize that a lot of your employees come and go faster than you can say “Nobody wants to work these days.”

Do you: A, raise employee’s wages and take a hard look at whether you run a business that people want to work at,

Or, B, use that money to buy three serving robots with cartoon cat faces on them?

Yeah, good call, that’s exactly what Glenwood Springs Restaurateur Manik Sakya did in his Asian fusion restaurants too.

“The robots cost around $25,000 each, which is less than what Sakya would pay one employee in annual wages,” reads an article that made us throw up in our mouth from USAToday. “Sakya estimated he has saved thousands of dollars by not having as many servers in his restaurants.” 

The article states that Sakya has a few employees working alongside these robots, presumably in case one becomes sentiently evil and needs to be put down with a 12 gauge slug.

According to Sakya, the best part about the robots is the fact that “they don’t argue with him…”