What did they think was going to happen? 

The whole YouTube prank video trends needs to go away and never come back. Unlike most YouTube trends, this whole video thing has managed to stick around for more than a few days, and at this point, have become their own genre of YouTube time killers. This is rather unfortunate.

A prank is supposed to be harmless, and silly, like putting shaving cream in your sleeping friend's hand and tickling their nose so they cover their face in shaving cream. That's funny enough, and no one thinks they're about to die. Tricking someone into thinking they are in the midst of a bank heist, terrorist threat or armed robbery is not a prank.

Five British YouTube “pranksters” have learned the hard way, as they've just been sentenced to serve jail time for their “pranks” and “hoaxes.”

Members of the YouTube channel Trollstation have been sentenced to up to 9 months in prison for various videos of them faking highly illegal activities. Some of their videos include fake robberies, bomb threats, impersonating police officers, stabbings, kidnappings and of course, everyone's favorite comedic topic, fake rapes. Because if anything is funny, it's conning people into thinking they’re about to die. That's hilarious. Check out some of their "pranks" …

That looks like a legitimate robbery. Yeah, the dude has a fake sword. So what? That's not a prank. 

You know what's really funny? Fake shootings. 

Members of Trollstation plead guilty to "Using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behavior with intent to cause fear of, or provoke unlawful violence for their involvement in the two hoaxes." Which basically means they plead guilty to being assholes.

The guy responsible for the bomb threat video, which has since been pulled from YouTube, will face the longest jail sentence. You know, because he was pretending to be a terrorist in London. 

The fact that these dudes weren’t shot in the making of some of these clips is incredible. Had these videos happened in the ole’ US of A, they would have eventually encountered some trigger happy concealed carry gun-freak and gotten shot in the dome. Luckily the average citizen in London isn't packing heat. 

Do these guys deserve jail time? Probably. You can't go faking huge crimes and calling it a prank. Maybe their arrests will finally put an end to these stupid videos once and for all. We certainly hope so.