Ladies and gentlemen of Colorado, we're slackin …

People love bacon. It's like the heroin of cured meats. No breakfast is complete without it, no dinner burger should be absent of it, and if it were ever made into a type of cologne, we'd be first in line to buy it by the case full.

But who loves it the most? Well, according to this fancy shmancy interactive map created by Ginny's (an online retailer), Nebraska is the bacon casbah. Colorado? Well, we're not terrible, we sit about 61 percent above the national average. Which isn't great, but it isn't perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill — eat more bacon until we trounce that top spot.

To create the map, Ginny's used super-scientific means of trolling through Instagram feeds, most notably using the #bacon hashtag to find what states were doing what with their food. Results were calculated and mapped according to its findings. 

Not entirely accurate, however since people love putting every-god-damn-thing of their lives on social media nowdays, it's likely not entirely inaccurate either.

Bacon up!