We need another music streaming phone app like we need a rip in the life raft, but cynicism aside, we’re actually quite fond of Beatgasm. It’s pretty and easy just like our sister. Wait, what?

Another day another streaming service for music, are we right? But hold off there, young buck, put those cynical commenting fingers away for a minute while we tell you about the newest platform to hit online shelves. It’s called Beatgasm, and for once, we don’t have a whole lot of negative things to say. It could be the coffee kicking in, but we're digging this new spot right now.

Beatgasm is a new —almost like a satellite radio service — FREE (ding ding ding) online radio destination curated specifically for fans of electronic music. Started by veterans from various radio arenas, the new app plans to revolutionize the way people listen to sound (don’t they all?) and promises to bring a unique experience by way of targeting users for things other than just mega-names and popularity contests.

Given that DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” was the second song played when we signed on, we’re of course still skeptical, but it's partnered with Dancing Astronaut — so we understand fully the team knows what they’re doing. 

The app holds over 100 distinct stations based on Artists, Genres, Moods, Energy Level, What’s Trending and a unique feature known as Beatgasm’s “Local Stations” — which curates songs based on a particular city’s tastes. We’re not all alike — no matter what the government wants us to believe — so our music shouldn’t be either. Nice touch, Beatgasm.

The local stations are what we dig out of it the most, mainly because they make us Denver folks maintain all the special feels deep inside. Per the app, Beatgasm says they, “… have a special place in (their) hearts for Denver the birthplace of BEATGASM and home to some of the biggest DJs out there.” They sure know how to make an EDM’er feel sweet.

We’ll give them this, it’s quite honestly one of the easiest streaming apps to fumble through and the color selections are on point. Our weary eyes approve! That ease of maneuverability around the interface is secondary to none, and may be exactly what we need to get grandma thumping around in her Buick to Disclosure like we’ve always wanted.

What’s better is the supposed availability to basement nobodies to get their music on the site and heard by countless listeners. Beatgasm encourages lesser-known artists to submit their bangin’-ass tracks for a chance to be thrown into the mix. The company claims “each submission is tagged, categorized and integrated into various Beatgasm stations.” No favoritism is played with larger labels — they just want the best music for the biggest fans.

Likewise, if a no-namer garners exceptional playability and receives high accord with listeners they could earn a spot on Beatgasm’s homepage on its “featured section” where “it will be seen by all users upon login.” All that endless recognition just for uploading and being good? It sounds almost too good to be true. Do we smell a Beatgasm record label in the future?

So while the endless zoo of streaming services continues to claw at everyone’s free time, and more importantly, cash, Beatgasm promises to keep the app free of charge to users for at least the time being. There aren’t any plans right now to implement a pay model, so we musn’t worry our poor heads about it now.

And if you’re still not sure about downloading a free app with free music, the team is giving away a trip to Miami for Miami Music Week from March 24 -30 just for signing up.

We don’t really have much to loose, ever, so here’s to hoping karma is on our side. See that, we couldn’t even spell lose right, winning a trip might just be what we need to elevate ourselves a little more in life.