Just when we thought Kim Jong Un couldn't offer up anymore comedic punchlines for his capricious madman political rule, he goes and out-does himself. This time, he's turned his female soldiers into runway models headed for battle – which coincidentally is Calvin Klein's new line.

Pictures of the female soldiers donning high-heels and Soviet-style hats appeared today in another act of bravado by the pugnacious leader. 

According to the Dailymail article:

Women are believed to represent more than 10 per cent of the entire North Korean People's Army,  according to visitors to the state, with many of the artillery units along the coasts manned with women.
Propaganda songs have been written to attract more women into the coastal artillery units and women fighters now guard nearly all tunnels and bridges.

Surprisingly, we have to agree with this female-combat strategy; you stack the front line with menstruating women, tell them that the other side called them fat, and watch as they plow down the enemy one row at a time in search of chocolate bars. Call us crazy, but Kim Jong Un might be on to something.