We became so obsessed with whether we could, be forgot to ask if we should … 

There's a reason they only sell deep-fried butter at county fairs.

To get your greasy mitts on something like this, you need to get out of your house, drive to the fairgrounds, buy a ticket, fight the heat, waddle all the way to the food court, and look a toothless carnie in their one good eye and ask, "May I please have some deep-fried butter."

Uttering these words should bring you shame and nausea, which are both integral components to wanting to eat butter that's been fried. Or anything that's been fried, but especially things that are only sugar and fat to begin with. 

But someone over at Hostess decided to skip all the necessary precautions and offer the fatass fair staple, the deep-fried Twinkie, in the freezer section of Walmart, starting next week. 

For god's sake, stop it, Hostess. You know we're too fat and impulsive to not eat these, and you're killing us. 

Our guess? Deep-fried butter can't be too far off. Within a year, we bet.