With the new Colorado edition, we can only hope for some inside jokes and local color like ‘Dealin’ Doug Dealin’ Drugs,’ or 'John Elway’s football-shaped cock.’

Cards Against Humanity (CAH), the popular card game which pairs perfectly with booze and friends, and not so well with yuletide family get-togethers, is getting a Colorado style revamp.

The Colorado deck comes courtesy of Denver comedy group Uncalled Four, who’ve gained local notoriety for their CAH-themed live shows. The gameshow format selects a quartet of Denver comedians as contestants, and an audience is asked to come up with topic cards. To win the game, the comics must come up with their best answers — just like in the actual Cards Against Humanity game.

The Denver Post notes a very tame example from Uncalled Four’s recent show: "Seeing comedy at a live venue has been proven to cure (blank). Possible answers: ‘Resting fart face’. ‘Irritable jowls.’ ‘The unmistakable feeling of being followed by Ke$ha.’"

We love that feeling.

Due to the show’s growing popularity, people kept asking the group how they could get the topic cards for themselves, so now Uncalled For is creating an exclusive set which highlights some of their favorite comedy writers in Colorado. The cards themselves will be state-centric, with tons of inside jokes only Colorado residents will understand.

With the new Colorado edition, we can only hope for some local color, like, "Dealin’ Doug Dealin’ Drugs," "John Elway’s football-shaped cock," "A locket of Kip Winger’s hair," or "Decapitated on the Wild Chipmunk."

Uncalled Four hopes to have the game ready for retail by the fall, according to its website. The Kickstarter isn’t out just yet, but the group wanted to let everyone know how to get involved to make this happen.

If all goes to plan, the cards should be ready to be dealt on Christmas morning, and for everyone’s sake, don’t play with the family. No one wants to explain "Kathy Sabine’s moose knuckle" to grandma over cranberry sauce.