Will Krieg and Jason Graves are two unique artists with very particular sets of skills. Skills that make our boxes look pretty for people like you.

Look outside. You see that? It’s all garbage bolted to Colorado’s street corners — bland, broken boxes, stickered to the tits with nonsensical rubbish. We don’t like it either. So, we recently hit up local street artists Will Krieg and Jason Graves to help out and get fancy with Rooster distribution boxes. Look at ‘em there, all purty like.

Jason Graves (blue box)
As a scholastically trained graphics artist, Jason Graves has been doing his thing for over 14 years as owner of Apollo Ink — a company he started in 2006. His bold, color block style in shades of blue pop the box off any bland concrete grey. Out in the open? Hell, the thing belongs in a museum. Mesmerizing AF.
IG: @willkrieg

Will Krieg (sunshine box)
You’ll often see his name next to his father’s, Chris Krieg, a prolific sign painter and muralist who’s been in the scene for decades. More recently, however, Will has been blasting up walls on his own, following the footsteps of a pro. With his box, Will went full Colorado — the state’s iconic sunsets giving us all the feels.
IG: @jasontgraves