God's one humorous son of a gun these days placing signs in the most random of places. This time, the comedian from above put the sign on a Goldfish cracker which Patti Burke in Florida has since claimed is God's way of showing 'He is still in our life every day, and he wants to show that to his people. The God fish has two markings on it. One with a cross within a circle and another towards the head that resembles a crown. 

“When I picked this one up, I knew he was special,” she said. “Something I’ve never seen before out of all the Goldfish I’ve eaten.” And we believe her. Burke claims to consume between two and three pounds of Goldfish crackers a week. Besides imminent health problems, Burke's consumption of that many Goldfish crackers was undoubtedly going to lead to a discovery of this magnitude. 

“I think it’s a sign,” Worth said. “I think it points to, I would hesitate to call it a miracle, but I think it points to the miracle, which is Jesus Christ defeated death. And that’s what Easter is all about.”

It's the small things in life that matter. And if those small things are the weird deformed baking emblems on crackers resembling a sign that quite possibly you're the chosen one, then by all means, enjoy the moment.

Normally God manifests himself in our lives in the form of prayer after a heavy night of drinking and staring at ourselves in the mirror questioning our life goals. But we'll take the cheddar cheese Gold Fish cracker as option two.