It's hard to keep up, but that's why we're here to help. 

It's challenging to keep track of what obscure body part that society will find attractive next. Just a few minutes ago, it was #thighgap: the creepy crotch window formed when a thin/emaciated woman stands with her feet together. 

Some people completely lose their minds trying to look like you ride a horse around all day. But now, the sexy pendulum has swung back the other way, and there's a new sexy trend: #thighbrows. This has nothing to do with growing eyebrows above your thighs, sadly. It's the fold of thigh meat where your hips connect to your legs. Here's an example:

Thanks, American culture! You can masturbate to every single part of the woman now. It's obviously tricky to stay on top of this kind of nonsense, so we've complied a list of the next trends with the help of Slate to save you some time. 

On the thighs:

#thighliner: upper-leg wrinkles

#thighbyshooting: cruising by members of the opposite sex, displaying your sexy thigh meat

#smighs: smiling with the eyes of your thighs, which are located under your thighbrows

#thigholdnavy: a space between the thighs that’s slightly cheaper than #thighgap

Elsewhere on the body:

#l00b: a freshly pierced earlobe

#uvulargesse: a well-endowed uvula

#dimplesofserena: when you have dimples of Venus, but you're the other Williams sister so it's confusing

#pitstop: the little roll of fat that pops out in front where the arm meets the shoulder.

#wenisenvy: a tragically undersized wenis

#cellulike: photogenic cellulite that racks up the Instagram hearts

#supercheek: one buttcheek that’s far larger than the other

#standardizedbreast: a chest that fits perfectly into a standard bra size

#tarantulaveins: spider veins covered in leg hair

#kneevage: fake cleavage you can create with close-up photos of your knees

#glacialhair: facial hair that grows so slowly, you forget to pluck it

#shavinggrace: the flat parts of the knee that are less likely to get nicked

#canklesores: the blisters that form where cankles rub up against boots

#knapcrack: the glimpse of butt revealed by a backpack that's making a skirt ride up