Fortnite is hoping to add a feature allowing players to watch TikTok while gaming, which utterly fucks our hopes that our little brother will ever be able to form a cohesive argument or enjoy some time outside.

According to an article from RaiderKing, the concept is known as “picture-in-picture” and it involves overlaying one form of media over another in the hopes of gaining even more and continuous engagement.

If you’ve ever seen a clip of a podcast that’s simultaneously playing a video of video game footage next to it so that you can listen to the audio while watching other media, you know what we’re talking about. It’s the reason that we no longer feel fulfilled after working hard and continue to pee sitting down so that we can look at our phones.

Actually, we know that we’ve talked shit, but the more that we think about it the more that we’re coming around. The idea that we’d ever have to be left alone with a single thought in our head sounds ostensibly horrendous, and we’d much rather be forever exposed to pointless rants and dance videos where our watch habits are monitored in an effort to collect data and push more commercialism upon us.