If you're gonna spend the equivalent of a used car on booze, spend an extra $5 for a nice sturdy tarp to cover it. 

Those poor bastards. It's a story we can all relate to: you and three of your friends are ready to rage. After finally finding someone with a fake ID, you pool several thousands of dollars and buy so much booze it won't fit in your car. You load up your trailer, but the expired tags give you away and the cops raid the whole stash. 

If you had a dollar for every time that happened, right? 

From The Advocate:

During the stop, the pickup’s driver gave deputies consent to search the trailer, where authorities found nearly 2,000 beers, five liters of boxed wine and eight bottles of liquor, Myles said.

The students, who identified themselves to deputies as fraternity members, were en route to the beach to meet “a larger group of people for the week of spring break,” Myles said.

The four men joined the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at LSU in the fall. […]

Among the confiscated alcoholic beverages were 106 18-packs of Natural Light beer, five 12-packs of Corona beer and five liters of Franzia boxed wine. Several bottles of tequila, vodka, whiskey and rum also were collected by deputies.

Look at all that delicious booze. If their parents don't kill them, the army of sober brozefs that won't get their hooch sure will. 

Second valuable lesson: cops need a warrant to search your hooptie. And keep your license plates up to date, folks.