Don't be these people …

In case you live under a rock, or you're one of our mom's (hi mom!), a "selfie" is a picture someone — usually obnoxious tweens between the ages of 18 and 34 — takes of themselves in an effort to look cool on the Internet. Because looking cool in person is soooooo 2005. But as a public safety announcement, we want to remind everyone why thinking twice before taking those selfies with an added element of danger is a must:

1) Two people in the last year have killed themselves "selfieing" with guns.

The first happened in Mexico City back in August of 2014 when a 21-year-old man decided that his .45 caliber pistol looked wayyyy cooler pointed at his head. Unfortunately for him, the gun discharged and gave him a Kurt Cobain-esque finish. The second happened more recently, when a 19-year-old was posing with his thought-to-be unloaded gun when it went off and struck him in the throat. Please kids: If you’re going to destroy the Internet with selfies, please leave your guns out of them.

2) Girl falls off bridge and is electrocuted while posing for the perfect shot

We get it — you live in Russia, so there isn’t much to take photos of (unless you like black snow and oppressed people). But one 17-year-old girl was determined to take the best selfie despite her unfortunate birthplace. Late at night, she and a friend climbed on top a bridge that ran over railroad tracks. One girl wanted a picture with the railway line right behind her for the “most dramatic effect.” While her friend waited safely below, the girl tried to snap a picture and fell. In desperation she tried to grab the live rail line and was electrocuted before she hit the ground. If she wanted a really dramatic effect, she could have just taken a regular picture and put a black and white filter over, that’s how all the cool kid’s on SnapChat do it now a days anyways …

3) A woman posts picture while driving because she is "happy" — then crashes


So you’re driving down the street and your favorite song comes on. Most of us get excited, turn up the volume and continue down the street with our eyes locked on the road. But there are unfortunately those people that think: “I'm sure all my friends and family would like to know how this song makes me feel at this exact moment because I am the center their worlds." Please do not be one of those people. Unfortunately for one North Carolina woman, she was too concerned with posting selfies to her Facebook to notice that she was drifting into oncoming traffic. She collided head-on with a garbage truck and was killed in the fireball that soon followed. Don't selfie and drive kids. No one cares that much about how you look driving your car.

4) Man killed when lightning strikes his selfie stick

If there's one thing we hate more than selfies, it's the selfie stick. No, you do not need an extra five-foot-long stick to show everyone on the Internet how cool you and your friends look outside of that Urban Outfitters. Apparently, God doesn’t like selfie sticks either, because earlier this year a man was killed by lightning while he was hiking with the inhumane contraption. We guess the man could have been able to reach safety without incident if it wasn't for the 4-foot-long lightning rod with he was carrying, but we aren't experts.