No shit? 

Desperate people will do practically anything to get high. From huffing gasoline to smoking poisonous scorpions, there’s no shortage of questionable and semi-legal ways to get a buzz.

With laws and trends constantly changing, it seems like there’s a new way to get fucked up practically every week. In a recent report from the FDA, the newest and most bizarre drug trend has people taking ridiculous quantities of over the counter anti-diarrhea medicine

The active ingredient in diarrhea pills like Imodium, is a compound called Loperamide. Which, when consumed by the handful can apparently have effects similar to opioids like heroin. 

By now everyone knows that the country is in the midst of a full-blown heroin epidemic. With police cracking down on heroin usage like crazy, a lot of junkies are getting left without their sweet sweet shoot-juice. Luckily for them, drug users are a resourceful bunch and will always find a moderately comparable replacement. This is where diarrhea medicine comes in — though obviously nothing ends up coming out — you know, because it makes you constipated?

There are some similarities between the active ingredient in pills designed to prevent you from shitting yourself and opioids. You just have to take a metric shit ton of them.

According the FDA report, users take something like 25 times the recommended dose of Imodium to curb their smack craving. Though the report is unclear if the high from these shit pills actually feels like heroin, or if it just makes you constipated like heroin. Because heroin and opiods in general are known to clog people up like crazy. 

So for heroin addicts, the obvious next best thing to that heroin constipation feel is to just take 50 diarrhea pills to ensure they don’t shit for a month.

The FDA says that there’s been a 71 percent increase in reports of excessive diarrhea pill usage from 2011 to 2014. Which they say points towards an increase in recreational use, and apparently has nothing to do with the rise and fall of the Chipotle. 

Though it's pretty hilarious that people are stuffing diarrhea pills in their mouth's to stuff themselves with poo, there are legitimate risks. 

First, you’ll be so clogged up with poop that it might start coming out your ears – which could seriously damage your hearing and ruin your favorite ear muffs. Second, taking over the recommended dose of Imodium is super bad for your heart. You could have a heart attack or develop permanent heart damage. So, it’s probably not worth it.

But that doesn't get to the real issue here: If you're plugged up and constipated you'll miss out on the bliss of browsing the Internet while perched atop the toilet. No one wants that.