We’re in a post-9/11 world where credit card and student loan debt is towering above reasonable proportions. Minimum wage sucks, grocery prices are inflating and the economy blah blah blah. Being broke is our new every day; so when people come at you with a handout, take it. We’re all about complementary when it comes to most anything here at The Rooster office, so we’ve decided to pay the hookup forward.

Today’s free download is an album titled “Two Week Notice” and it comes from a frenetic DJ and MPC tickler named Broken. It’s a full 14-track instrumental work of mix-ups, smashups and danceable tracks worthy of any size sound system. The entirety of the album hits hard with both recognizable remixes and blistering original content. 

After a short stint supplying the backend beats for hip hop artist and emcee Input (now on the East Coast), Broken has been climbing ranks as one of the area’s premiere DJs and sound talent. He’s also one-half of the local hip hop crew (n1inth)cloud. There will definitely be more out of this cat in the future, grab the album now so you can claim “you knew him when.” Follow HERE for more from this artist.

Disclaimer: Most of what comes out for free on the Internet is done so by the gracious nature of the artists we feature. They put their time, effort and resources into making what you enjoy. Contrary to popular belief, artists are people too and need to do things like eat and pay rent. If the sounds they make are something you enjoy, pay a little for it. Also, don’t be a dick by illegally downloading things they ask money for. Do your part by supporting artists with value.