Enter to win a massive box containing the entire line of the Pretty Lights x Colorado gear and some other random stuff we had about the office!

The doozy hath cometh, as they say! This morning we teamed up with Pretty Lights and Virgin Mega to bring our readers an exclusive contest that puts both the Powerball and “Toddlers and Tiaras” to shame. We bring you — dun dun dun dun — an opportunity to win the entire line of Pretty Lights’ x Colorado gear! The exact one we introduced you to earlier this week.

This is it. You won’t find this anywhere else. Mock our words! Is it “mock”? Mark? Who’s Mark and why is he diddling around with our words?

The contest is fun, easy and can get you styled out for the remainder of the season.

Prizes in this bad boy include:

1st Place aka The Mondo Prize Spectacular!: A monstrous box of Pretty Lights x Colorado gear (the entire line, in fact), Rude Jude’s book “Hyena,” and some Rooster swag — as if our novelty goods somehow compare to a beefy gift of apparel?

2nd Place: Two tickets to the Dirty Heads show On Wednesday, Feb 11 at the Boulder Theater. Rude Jude’s book “Hyena,” a “Best Buds of Colorado” book, Rooster swag bag and a dying poinsettia plant that desperately needs a new home, or funeral, either of which you can handle for us by taking it out of here.

3rd Place: Rude Jude’s “Hyena” book, a grab bag of Rooster swag, an unused roll of toilet paper, an old mouse pad and the opportunity to tell all of your online friends you were the 3rd best at something for once in your life!

To win, here’s what we want you to do:

Download the Virgin Mega app — for the Apple iOS or the Android at Google Play — and create your very own profile. Your very own! Take a screenshot of said profile (make sure we can see you and your username) and tweet it to @RoosterMagazine using the official hashtag #AnalogAesthetic. Winners will be decided based on the most original avatar that makes our cynical asses chuckle or swoon!

The Pretty Lights gear is only available through the Virgin Mega app and is not on Amazon, not at Spencers, and your parents will not be able to find it in the discount bin at T.J. Maxx — it's only through the app! We're giving one fan the entire collection before it becomes available next Monday, Jan 26, but everyone else can get in line via the app to still get their fix. Download that business, build a solid profile and tweet the bejesus out of us!

About the Virgin Mega app:

“Virgin Mega captures the hype and fever of chasing limited edition releases and brings it right to your phone. Join an interactive line of fellow-fanatics for first access to exclusive products, content, and experiences inspired by artists and pop culture you love. When one of our product drops, a virtual “line" filled with MegaFans forms for it. You start at the back of the line and work your way to the front by proving your fanship and interacting with other MegaFans; If you’re in a good enough spot when the clock runs out, you’ll get to check out and buy.

-Prove your fandom by competing against other MegaFans in line for exclusive products.
-Engage, interact and share with other MegaFans to give yourself a better spot in line.
-Get towards the front of the line before the clock winds down and the product (along with the glory) is yours.
-Connect your Twitter account to unlock in app line jumps and talk to others in line.
-Invite friends into the line with you through Facebook and email.
-Find and meet other MegaFans who share the same passions as you.”

The winners will be chosen Monday, Jan 26 via Twitter sometime around Nooner MST. Submissions will be accepted until then. Don’t disappoint, Santa’s watching!