*plays YouTube video of glass shattering*

So there I am, slowly entering my living room with a cut-off "Austin 3:16" shirt on and denim shorts to my knees. My hair is slicked back with cheap, hastily found Walgreen's gel to mimic the wrestler's hairless vibe. Without hesitation, I pop the cap of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA and prepare for some stunning.

First released in November 2015, the beer of America's favorite WWE badass, Stone Cold Steve Austin, has long been on our list of to-dos. The beer is his own IPA in collaboration with El Segundo Brewing Company — a craft brewery in Los Angeles. Today, El Segundo keeps Broken Skull IPA on tap, but if you’re away from the 90210 like most, the only way to find this cherished bottle is ordering online (roughly $7.99 for 1 pint, 6 ounces but shipping adds a good $15 more).

While trying to justify the purchase, I convinced myself money isn't real. I had to try it.

So I ordered. I anticipated. And finally, the bottle was here. As I saw the box drop on my stoop, a smile crept over my mouth — the same smile I got watching Stone Cold smash Vince McMahon over the head with a bedpan. Ahh, good times.

Expecting a bold, almost over-hopped IPA, I took my first sip of Broken Skull and was confused. Wait .. this tastes like … a real craft IPA. At the same time, it didn’t taste like a frou-frou stick-up-your-ass IPA.

It. Was. Perfect. Especially for springtime.

At 6.7% ABV and designed by Mr. Austin himself (with the help of El Segundo), the blend of Citra, Cascade and Chinook hops deliver a strong IPA aroma with a crisp and fruity taste that went down smooth and doesn’t make you cringe with a sour aftertaste. I felt like I could drink five of them, it was so fresh and so clean.

Steve Austin calls his IPA, a beer “for the working man and the working woman” … which isn’t debatable because that’s the bottom line. Indeed, Broken Skull IPA feels like an everyman IPA that is both accessible yet bold. In earnest, it tastes like a hoppy summer saison had a baby with a Budweiser (aka the most perfect child ever born). The light golden hue and balanced notes were something to be savored. In other words, you definitely shouldn’t Steveweiser this IPA (when you take two beer cans and smash them together causing 90 percent of the beer to spill out over your body and face).

Despite its rough, ass-kicker name, Broken Skull IPA is a classy freakin’ beer. So you could only imagine the confusion, me dressed in the costume of the cursing, anti-hero Stone Cold, when the beer defied this personality, resulting in a grown-up brew among the likes of which its drinker would never fill their employers new Corvette with concrete, spray co-workers with a fire hose of beer, or challenge Mike Tyson to a fistfight.

Our little redneck has grown up. *tear*