In a nightmare come to life, a terrifying mob of 15 Ronald McDonald clowns swarmed their nearby Burger King, chanting in the faces of employees, “You’re shit and you know you are!”

The gang of McDonald’s mascots even teamed up with their nemesis, the Hamburglar, to overrun the restaurant in the small town of Minehead, UK. The half horrifying, half hilarious moment was captured by customers who happened to be dining in at the time of the invasion.

Footage shows the clan of clowns, all dressed in yellow jumpsuits, red wigs, and colorful makeup, chanting taunts at the cashiers between fits of laughter. It seems Burger King’s employees took the joke well, as they laughed along with the chuckling clowns.

Locals say this isn’t the first time the gang of Ronalds has been spotted around town. The members of the mob are a social circle of middle-aged adults who dress up once every year for an '80s weekend. Over the years, they’ve gained a reputation for clowning around.

This was the first year the gang’s shenanigans brought them to the nearby Burger King. It seems the opportunity to prank their rival restaurant was too good to resist. After 5-minutes of hijinks and and a good laugh all around, the gang shook the hands of the Burger King employees and left.

The clown invasion may have been in good fun, but let’s hope tensions don’t escalate any further. The Burger King’s armies versus troops of Ronald soldiers would end in fast food warfare the world has never seen.