The running plot line of most of our lives has been that dogs are a man's best friend. It's preached this way because of their undying devotion to their master, with an unparalleled acceptance to dole out companionship whenever needed. They're great. But will they carry your drugs for you without snitching?

Perhaps those lazy mutts can learn a thing or two from pigeons. Just recently, one was 'arrested' in Kuwait flying about 170 pills from one connect to another. As reported by BBC, an al-Rai journalist says the pills were a form of ketamine — a popular club drug with crazy effects, but also something that's going to change the lives of sick people worldwide in the coming years (*fingers crossed*). 

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a gangster-ass fowl has been caught smuggling drugs in foreign countries. In 2015, authorities nabbed a separate carrier pigeon, that time carrying over 14g of cocaine in a miniature satchel. Its destination was a local prison. Unfortunately for him, he was locked up at a Costa Rican zoo never to be let out again shortly thereafter, authorities claiming that because of the way it was trained, it would never be able to be freed — as pigeons have a tendency to be loyal to their keepers and find their way back home regardless. 

Think your dog is that kind of a pet? Think again.