You're not best friends until you've pulled this off.

Sometimes you and your best friend want to watch a movie. Sometimes, you can't afford it. And sometimes, you just want to look God in the face, spit on the ground, and sneak into that movie that would have otherwise cost you an outrageous $16 … just because you're clever and one of you has really strong lower back muscles.

That's exactly how comedian Bo Johnson and his accomplice Matthew felt one recent day, but they dealt with it in a much more ingenious way than we'd have ever thought possible: by pulling off the ol' fat suit trick.

Here's how it works, so you can adapt it for your own means: Disguising themselves as one, extra-large man, one friend slides under the other's shirt, facing his chest, then grips his stomach as if he were an overdue pregnancy. A coat is placed over the friend apparatus to camouflage any egregious bulges, and the end result looks like a poorly constructed fat suit … or a real man with real problems. Never mind if you're the same height; BFFs Bo and Matthew jumped over that hurdle despite their similar stature.

Together, as one, they waddle up to the ticket counter, paying for only one ticket. The ticket counter attendant has never quite seen such an angular, distended load of fat on a human male, but she's been taught not to judge.

Saving $12 has never felt so good … not to mention how good it feels to forever solidify your friendship now that you've been subsumed into each other's bodies.