Oh geez. Mind. Blown. 

We're not a super-smart bunch of people, and there are a ton of things we don't understand. Like taxes. Why people like the Kardashians. Or how to get girls to like us. 

But the good people at Reddit asked "What makes absolutely 0% sense to you?" and it really got us wondering about the deep questions in life. 

We've compiled our favorite questions, and even tried to include our favorite answers posted on the site so you don't have to lie awake at night wondering. 


Q: "Those images on Facebook that say if you share them you'll get loads of money. Do people really believe it? How, in what world, in what circumstances, could that ever work? Is it some kind of joke that I'm not in on?"

A: People are stupid. 


Q: "How we are able to talk to ourselves silently."

A: No idea. 


Q: "How you can't change the volume of your thoughts. Whisper to yourself in your head…. Now scream to yourself in your head. Same volume."

A: That freaks us out. 


Q: "Every time I wear sunglasses somewhere and it's cold outside, some cashier or receptionist trying to make small talk will make a comment to me about "oh, look at you, wishing for warmer weather" or remind me that there's snow on the ground, or ask me why I'm wearing sunglasses when it's so cold outside.

It's sunny, guys. They're not called "hot weather glasses".

A: People are the worst. 


Q: "Viruses.

Weird little genetic shits. Just floating around, infecting people with their weird shit. Giving people weird shits. It's all shit.
I mean, what the fuck virus? Where did you come from? How did you get here? When did you evolve? And why do you hate us?"

A: "The virus loves you. The virus cannot exist without you, or some other host.

It may even be that you would not be you without the previous existence of some paleo virus. Your genome contains huge numbers of introns (that do not code for anything useful, as far as we know) many of which contain the remains of viruses that became part of our genome. Because of them, we have genetic machinery in our cells that has to splice together all our proteins from genetic fragments. This sounds bad, but it may make possible the kind of evolution that eukaryotic cells (that's you and me) needed to evolve functions like multicellularity that are essential for complex life."


Q: "How stupid criminals can be. The amount of videos I've seen of guys getting pulled over for speeding, broken tail light, not wearing their seat belt etc. While they are in the middle of transporting illegal Shit. Like how'd that morning go.

Bad guy 1"hey cuz. What you up to today?" Bad guy 2 "just taking them drugs and guns to big D, easy money" Bad guy 1 " cool, hey your tail light is out, shouldn't you get that fixed?" Bad guy 2 " nah, I do like 120 all the way there so I'll be moving to fast for 5-O to notice haha" Bad guy 1 "ah yeah that makes sense homie"
Like honestly if your gonna commit crimes at least try to be smart about it."

A: People are really stupid. 


Q: "Scientology."

A: "Yep, it was to prove L. Ron Hubbard's argument about just how naive and gullible people are. He claimed that he could think up the most deliberately ridiculous religion imaginable, and get people to believe it."


Q: "Astrology. What part of space was your part of the earth facing when you left your mothers vagina… Because this is clearly going to have an effect on your life. PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THIS! GENUINELY!"

A: People are super dumb.


Q: "Queuing round the block for the latest iphone. You like Apple? that's cool, you need a new phone, I get that, but seriously queuing for hours to say I have the latest model is mental."

A: People need better hobbies.