For those times when "Can I call you an Uber?" just isn't cutting it.

We've all had those rough mornings when we wake up next to someone who's just a little too tickled to be there, or who bears a little too much resemblance to Shrek, and wished there was some way to promptly extract them from our homes. Sure, the old "I have a really early work meeting, so …" trick works some of the time, but what about when your unfortunate bedmate is truly too oblivious to take the hint?

Two words: Ejector Bed. BYE FELICIA!

The Ejector Bed was created by British inventor Colin Furze, who actually designed it as a solution for people who sleep through alarms. He rigged it so that, when the clock strikes a pre-set time, the bed flings its occupants through the air and across the room to send the overwhelmingly obvious message "Get the fuck out."

And, as you'll see in the video, the bed can even help you dress yourself in the morning if you set it up right.

But although we appreciate those uses very much, there's no denying that it'd also be the most effective method known to man for keeping one-night-stands from becoming two-night-disasters.

Furze, who said he was approached to create such a bed by the makers of Taylors High Voltage Coffee, said he drew inspiration for his design from Wallace and Gromit.

"Anyone who could still stay asleep when this goes off is not human," he told Mashable.