Workin’ out those Pearl Harbor blues, we see!

America loves epic battles. And when it comes to anything star-spangled, be it football, boxing or superhero/villain showdowns, the bigger the battle, the better.

But it looks like the biggest battle of all time is yet to come, as the entire country of America has challenged the entire country of Japan to an epic, bloody duel between huge, gun-wielding robot warriors, designed to fight each other to the robot death.

Workin’ out those Pearl Harbor blues, we see!

The creators of the American robot, MegaBot Mark II, reportedly challenged Japan’s bot Kurata in order to to usher in a new era of extreme sports. The larger goal is to develop an international league of battling bots to compete in a World Cup style event.

"In terms of the revenue … I think the sky is the limit,” stated MegaBot’s co-founder, Matt Oehrlein. “I believe that the MegaBots league that we're building will become one of the top three sports in the world within 10 years.” These guys believe their robot World Cup would essentially surpass the NBA in the next decade … which would actually be really great because that league is NOTHING without Shaq, NOTHING.

Representing the ol’ USA, there’s, MegaBot Mark II. The simpler, but all-around larger robot (big and dumb — nailed it — hopefully it has eight cup holders and fire sauce coursing through its veins), stands at 15 feet tall and weighs in at a supersized six tons of bumbling, gasoline-powered American-made shit. With its current make-up, MegaBot can operate with two "pilots," which means two grown-ass men can be inside the machine at once for the most legit high-five-miss nerd-hang ever.

The bot comes with what is essentially an industrial-sized paintball gun for an arm, although the MegaBot team is working to fund more powerful weapons and self-stabilizing legs through a Kickstarter.

In the other corner, Kuratas, is the sleeker, more complex of the two (and you should see its math and science test scores), weighing in at a svelte 4.5 tons and standing at 12 feet tall. Kuratas comes equipped with a BB gun, and has a four leg base, each fitted with its own wheel for sharper mobility.

In response to the challenge, Kuratas' developer said, "We can't let another country win this. Giant robots are Japanese culture.” Easy, xenophobes … why don’t you focus less on other countries and more on preserving your other national pastime of large-scale dolphin bludgeoning?

Team Japan has accepted the challenge on one stipulation: combat must be hand-to-hand with no weapons, which means these two-gunslingers will be dropping their toys for a little melee mano a mano.

The actual fight is still a year away, but that hasn’t kept these technophiles from talking mad shit and backing sides. Once called out, Kurata’s developer simply meh’d at MegaBot: "Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it is …  super American.” … says the tech-savvy Japanese guy building giant, wearable robots. You know what else is super American? Winning.

Some people see these industrial battle bots as prototypes with obvious potential broader militaristic aims. MegaBot’s developers quickly attempted to shoot down the claim. “A lot of people accuse us: ‘You’re going to end up building war machines for the military,'” they said to QZ. “The reality is, giant walking robots are pretty much worse than tanks in every possible way.”

To further distance themselves from the World War III death-bot claims, The American team suggested fighting Kuratas “on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by drones filming the action.” Well played, PR team.

Whether the showdown will be in Dallas Cowboys’ stadium, the modern Coliseum, or on a pontoon in the middle of the Pacific is still unknown at the moment, but MegaBot’s creators think the public demand for the fights is here and growing. “People are sick of watching robots on TV — they want to see it live”.

Until fight night, for the sake of blind red-blooded patriotism: Git-R-Fuckin-Done, MegaBot! Show that mouthy piece of Japanese shhh-ushi who’s the boss (cue the Springsteen)!