It's been a tough year, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in the finer things of life. We put together our list of gifts to purchase for the ones you love — or for yourself. You can thank us later. 


Magnolia Road’s Stash Box Vapes

The Stash Box blows clouds around the competition. Discreet, Reliable and affordable at $20-$30. The Stash Box is excellent for all types of smokers: e-juice, oil, dabs and flower. // $20-$30


Zen Nest

Hatch a new look for your space this holiday season. Zen Nest combines art and furniture by collaborating with the world’s most extraordinary artists to create our Nest Egg bean bag chairs. Gift a Nest Egg to transform any space into an inspiring creation station. Use code ROOSTER for free shipping through December 31st.  //  $220


Flaviar Mezcaland Tequila Tasting Boxes

For the spirit lovers in your life, check out Flaviar’s tasting boxes. They include samples of different craft spirits, pairing different flavors by regions or by style. These kits also include specific cards that describe the “flavor spirals” of each spirit included in the sample pack, to fully educate you about whatever spirit it is you’re consuming. Flaviar offers bourbon, scotch, rum, guin, cognac, vodka, tequila and mezcal boxes to suit the taste of whoever the lucky recipient might be. //  $41.99


Countertop Composter

Compost is an easy way to boost your household sustainability and make free fertilizer at the same time. And futuristic new devices like this kitchen countertop compost unit make it insanely easy and fast: it’s odorless, requires no water or chemical additives, requires no draining, and it turns your kitchen compost into a  viable soil additive in under three hours.The future is here. //  $695


Above The Sky Colorado Jerseys

Above the Sky Productions is a leader in the custom athletic apparel industry, and recently opened a storefront in the Sante Fe Arts District. Find a variety of exclusive merchandise and order custom jerseys, shirts, hoodies and much more in store, or use this 15% off code online for limited edition items that are sure to sell out soon! 15% off all online products with discount code: ROOSTER  //  $50-200



At Teajuana we strive to give you a healthy and natural alternative to consuming marijuana. Our process combines the benefits of drinking tea and coffee with the healing characteristics of THC. We use only the finest organic ingredients paired with the purest Sweet CO2 oil to create the best product for you. By cutting out the preservatives and artificial flavors and retaining the full spectrum of desired cannabinoids you are left with a wholesome and delicious “drinkable” with reliable affects.

Available at Sticky Fingerz Dispensary // $25-$30


Distillery Scratch-Off Map

Tour 200 of the country’s top whiskey distilleries, from the comfort of your own home with the Scratch Off USA Whiskey Distilleries Print. This scratch off map of whiskey distilleries across the U.S. is a great gift to accompany a bottle of someone’s favorite bourbon or rye. It’s also a great companion for taking road trips across the Kentucky Bourbon trail! Including several local Colorado stops at Peach Street Distillers, Golden Moon Distillery, Breckenridge Distillery and Stranahan’s.  //  $22


Infusiasm: Magnitude All-In-One

Our favorite THC-infused stocking stuffer this year is the Magnitude All-In-One pen from Infusiasm! These pens come in 300MG or a full 1000MG (one gram!) in three different strain varieties. Each rechargeable pen comes packed with terpene infused distillate oil and features a USB-C charging port – no more running out of battery halfway through the tank. Available at all recreational LivWell stores in Colorado.  //  $20-$35


Uncharted Supply Co. Survival Backpack

The first 72 hours of any survival situation are almost always the most critical. And having the right gear during that time period, can make the difference between life and death. That’s why the folks at Uncharted Supply Company have put together the Seventy2 Survival Kit, a pre-packed bag that has everything you need to make it through the first 72 hours: from knives, to blankets, matches, radios, multitools, first aid, water filters, dehydrated meals and so much more. It’s the ultimate all-in-one survival kit.  //  $389