It’s here, it’s here! The official Lollapalooza 2014 lineup is here! While many of you may not care about what happens in Chicago, we do, because even though we’re probably just going to end up watching horrendous YouTube clips to experience the event; it’s always a great way to get the Google machine out and discover new artists.

One can’t possibly be up with all the ‘hot new bands’ out there in the industry at any point. For one because there’s so many, and for two, because… there’s just so many. But the people who curate these massive festivals take the task with experience, so looking through the poster and checking out some unfamiliar acts is a sure way to find something new to listen to. It’s fun, and we bet you’ll kill at least 2 hours of the clock today by following our lead.

There isn’t anything too crazy with the recently released menu of music. We already knew that the duo of Outkast was getting back together because of their Coachella announcement, and we were sure Eminem would jump on something because of his massive crowd appeal. This will be Em’s first time back to Lollapalooza since 2011. Lorde, Skrillex, Arctic Monkeys, Nickleba….we mean Kings of Leon – these are all huge artists, and they're all no-brainers to fill an appealing weekend.

If you’re so apt to follow your dreams to Chicago, three day passes for the event are already sold out. Sorry Sally, your dreams have been vanquished. Single day passes go on sale today (in about an hour from press time now) and can be picked up for $100 a pop. Follow here to its site for deals on hotels, transportation and festival information.

As an off-topic, side note: What we need to take from all these summer lineup releases outside of our own state is that things like this can happen here, we just need to pressure the right people to make it a reality. Of course there’s always logistics and money issues and blah blah blah excuses; but if we can put an RC car on Mars we can sure as shit get a large festival akin to the Lollapaloozas and Coachellas here in Colorado. Let’s figure out whom that person is that we have to pressure and get to it, shall we?