The Good

Delivery Drones Are a Go
And so it begins. Last month, UPS received a government approval to operate what it’s calling a “drone airline” — a first for any major company. UPS Flight Forward is its name, delivering packages via drone is its game. It’ll begin delivering necessary packages to hospitals first. From there, the sky’s the limit. Other notable companies after the same clearance? Amazon and Uber Eats. Naturally.

Hemp LEGOs?
In a recent interview, LEGO senior project manager Allan Rasmussen told Plastics News (that’s a real thing, apparently) that he wants the company to move entirely to sustainable plastics by 2030. That innocuous sentiment began an online rumor: the block company may seek out hemp to itch its needs. Because of its high cellulose content, ability to biodegrade faster, and cost efficiency, hemp makes an ideal candidate. So, who knows. But it’s likely.

Fort ‘Boobs’ Collins
As one of the last holdouts of such a ban, Fort Collins recently gave up the fight to keep shirts on women. Said Attorney Andy McNulty: “The idea that women’s bodies are purely sexual is something that was perpetrated by this law. By getting rid of this law, we are saying women are more than just a sexual object and their bodies are more than just a sexual object. They’re human beings just like men.” So go forth, the ban is over! Let them breathe!

The Bad

Crocs But For Hands
When YouTuber Matt Benedetto created a Crocs Gloves parody with his 3D printer, the story predictably went viral. They’re kind of cool, after all. But as things go, Crocs’ lawyers sent him and his channel Unnecessary Inventions a Cease and Desist to have them removed. Bummer. File this under: Unnecessary Bullying.

Merry Stressmas!
Hey kids, did you know the rate of fatal heart attacks increases substantially during the months of December and January and it’s directly tied to the holidays!? And worth mentioning, over 20 percent of Americans claim to have lost a close relationship since the 2016 elections over politics. The two pitted together soon could spell disaster, says the Mayo Clinic. O Come All Ye’ Faithful indeed!

The Fugly

Guyger Gets Nada
Imagine walking into someone’s home unannounced, like former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger did, only to shoot them while they eat ice cream on the couch. And then, imagine getting a hug from the judge during sentencing — a stint that may see her only serving 5 years in prison before release. Unbelievable. Politics we don’t do, but, what the actual hell?