Millennials are the fastest growing demographic in EDM and other fascinating things about everyones favorite music genre in one handy graphic.

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, didja know that?

Of course you did, but what you may not have known is that it’s also the fastest growing genre in popularity according to Google and its recently released numbers pulled from its YouTube usage.

These findings — given to us in a fancy infographic design — describe the dominating genre's status and give us some interesting facts related to Internet users’ habits towards the growing phenomenon.

In 2014 alone, subscribers to EDM channels went up 60% on smartphones, 77% on TVs and a staggering 175% on gaming devices. Those lonely room-raiding gamers sure do love it when the bass drops and the beat goes UNCE!

Follow along with the graphic below like a child navigating a maze on the side of a cereal box. To reach the links at the end, click here to get to the original post from Google. For further enjoyment, print out the information and discuss your findings at dinner with your parents — who may fall into the 80% of elders who are taking an interest in the PLUR.