Grandma Sue Teller is a sweet old lady who is "known to like a little crunk" and just wants to teach everyone how to make mashups and customize their kicks. 

When Grandma Sue Teller’s videos first scrolled past our desks, we thought of her as a spark-inducing enigma. There was no readily available information about her or what she sought to accomplish with her two “DO Your Own Adventure” videos, nothing, nada. We almost gave up in our search.

But then we remembered we have interns who do little more than all the accounting, most of the writing, half of the design work and – at least lately – shovel pristine paths to our heated parking spots. So we made them do some research-digging while we went out for expensive coffee. Upon a late return, there was plenty more available on who she is, what she’s doing on this here Internet and where the beloved Sue Teller is now.

Apparently, the “DO Your Own Adventure” is just a sly marketing campaign launched by Mountain Dew in 2007 (we could have guessed that, given she loves sipping the heart-murmuring liquid throughout the campaigns), which reaches out into the viral world of bizarre over-sharing.

Unfortunately, the beloved Sue Teller is no longer with us. Reported on by, the site claims: "According to the book 'Leadershift' by Emmanuel Gobillot, Grandma Sue died at the age of 84, after only recording two episodes of her show. Believe it or not, she had over 80,000 fans and when she passed away, cans of Mountain Dew were poured out onto gardens in sympathy, 'Pour some Dew out for Sue.'"

We’re glad we at least have these two videos to of her. She'll continue to make us laugh, make us cry and we'll miss her all the same. We won’t, however, be drinking Mountain Dew anytime soon – not unless we get the sudden urge to really pine for day-ruining jitters and heart palpitations.