What a weekend of music we’ve got coming up here on the Front Range. Friday night I’ll be starting off my weekend at the Fox with Great American Taxi and Poor Man’s Whiskey for a little Americana infused good times. Both bands know how to make crowds hoot, holler and get down with their bad selves, so definitely roll by the Fox if you don’t have Friday night plans. I talked with Taxi bassist Brian Adams about what’s going on with the band in 2013.

What’s new in the Taxi world?

Brian Adams: Oh cool, I get to toot the Taxi horn! Well, let's see here…we had two CD releases that made the top 50 for the year in 2012 on the Americana charts. Our 3rd studio release entitled "Paradise Lost" peaked at #8 for a few weeks and we were also on a Todd Snider CD entitled "Time as We Know It: The Songs of Jerry Jeff Walker" that peaked at #4 I think. We got to work with the legendary producer Don Was on that one. We've been getting lots of airplay from both of those releases on XM Outlaw Country. It’s pretty cool to be driving down the road and hear our stuff on the radio. I honk and yell and swerve every time I hear it.

Any new material being written or plans for another CD?

BA: Funny you should ask. We are going to be multi tracking our upcoming Fox, Cervantes, and Aggie Theater shows to make a live CD release from some of the best stuff that comes out of those 3 shows. Not sure when it would be released, but I would estimate summer or fall.

What can we expect at the Fox on Friday?

BA: Vince has been training chickens lately to incorporate into our act. We are going to debut them at The Fox. He's been working really hard with them. They come out and do a choreographed Rockettes leg kicking dance during one of our songs. So expect that as well as the usual Taxi debauchery that goes along with the party.

What shows appreciation more: singing along or dancing hard?

BA: Well, both of course. But we really like it when people pat their heads and rub their tummies while singing along and dancing. Its not an easy task and I would recommend practicing it in a mirror before coming to the show.

Any crazy tour stories as of late?

BA: Mwahahahaha…yes of course. But if I told you I would have to kill you. What happens on Taxi tour stays on Taxi tour… unless it ends up on Facebook.

Great American Taxi and Poor Man’s Whiskey
Fox Theatre, Friday January 25th
Doors at 8pm, show at 8:30
$12 ADV, $15 DOS +$2 for under 21