Is nothing sacred anymore!?

Enjoying your time not working while relentlessly frolicking through the endless suck of the Internet and expect to fully be engrossed in a YouTube spiral at some point throughout the day? Because that time-fill you call a life might not be free for much longer. Everyone will be paying for certain YouTube content in the near future. Is nothing sacred anymore!?

As ReCode reports, the popular video sharing site plans to announce its paid subscription service very soon — like this Wednesday soon. The paid structure is all part of a grand scheme it launched last year to boost the site's already hefty audience. The company currently pays top creators phat stacks of cash to film better content, with most of that bankrolled media expected to be part of the subscription service and only available to paying subscribers.

So, it’s like what HBO, Netflix and Amazon do already: Host their own unique content and expect people to pay for it. Suddenly, having all of these monthly bills from different companies is adding up — maybe cutting cable isn’t the way to go? Maybe we’ll take up another hobby like jogging? Maybe we’re totally kidding and are going to pay the bills anyway and just keep bitching? 

That’s the ticket …

Don’t go posting on your social sites about YouTube selling out just yet, however, because it will still continue to host millions of free videos online. It’s safe to say that we’ll all be able to watch drunken white girls falling down stairs for years to come without pitching a dime.

This Wednesday’s (10/21) announcement is expected to not only share what content is being exclusively created, but also give the time frame of when we can all expect to pay for it. Some sources are saying by the end of this month, while others claim it won’t be until 2016.

For what it’s worth, ReCode reached out to YouTube and they're not-surprisingly keeping their mouths shut about the whole ordeal until after the announcement.

Great, now we have to look for a seventh roommate to move in so we can cover the costs of more monthly streaming accounts. Anyone interested in renting out a spacious laundry room? Soothing detergent smells, added dryer warmth and certified sock-gnome free — inquire within!