Rooster on a beer can
This dish has been around since sick perverts started shoving things inside chickens. It’s a bit sick, but damn it’s tasty. And — thank Colorado for craft brewers canning their tasty connections — now you have plenty of options. Open your beer, take a nice big drink of it, leaving about half or three quarters. Slice and stuff your onions inside of the can, and then add some of those spices you chose. Rosemary, oregano and bay leaves are great, but don’t forget salt and pepper. Open another beer (this one’s just for fun) and give that chicken a rubdown with olive oil and the spice mix you made. Don’t be shy, Roosters like to be rubbed. Turn on your grill, shove the can up the chicken’s backside, and stand it on the grill. Cook it until it’s nice and browned and make sure the inside isn’t pink. The beer steams it on the inside, and the grill gets it on the outside.

1 small chicken
1/2 can of beer
Sliced onions
Olive Oil
Spices to your liking.

Beer burgers
Craft beers lend themselves to bold flavors that make them impossible to not taste in a juicy burger. If you want to get really crafty, add spices that complement the flavors in your beer of choice. Mix your hamburger with the chopped onions, then take a sip of your beer. Then give your burger mix a hefty pour. The meat should be sticky, not soggy, and hold together in a patty. Smack that baby on the grill, put the onions and mushrooms on top, and tuck them in with the cheese. Cook it to your liking, add condiments as you see fit, and enjoy the boozy, meaty fruits of your labor.

1 lb. of hamburger
Worcestershire  sauce to taste
Onion (optional, sliced as you like)
Mushrooms (optional, chopped finely)
Cheese (optional)

Whiskey Barbecue sauce
Nothing makes improves meat more quickly than a perfect barbecue sauce. If yours just doesn’t have that edge you like, get it a little drunk. Mix your favorite barbecue sauce with the whiskey until it’s the consistency you prefer.  Spread it on burgers, chicken, veggies.

1 cup barbecue sauce
1/3 cup whiskey