Touch yourself, then burn your Sudoku book. It's good for you says new research…




Masturbators and sex-havers of the land, hark! According to Daily Mail, new study conducted by Rutgers University neuroscientist Barry Komisaruk found that having an orgasm gives your brain a better workout than doing a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. Barry measured the blood flow to women's brains as they reached orgasm (lucky Barry!), then compared those levels to those brought on by doing mental exercises such as crosswords or Sudoku. The more blood flow, the more active the brain region. Here's what he found.

"Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localised regions. Orgasm activates the whole," said our main man Barry. 

Oh, yeah Barry. We like it when you talk dirty. The study found that the rush of pleasure brought on by orgasm activates causes a massive influx of blood to the brain, flooding it with the all oxygen and vital nutrients  you need to stay smart. Crossword and puzzles and Sudoku? Not really. Mental puzzles like these seem to activate certain parts of the brain, but don't deliver the earth-shattering cerebral entirety that orgasm brings. The same study also found that orgasms block pain, thanks to the veritable shit-storm of endorphins that your body releases when you come.

So now, when your mom reproaches you for your excessive masturbation habit, you can politely inform her that you're "exercising my brain, Mom, go away!!!" Perfect.