Embrace your laziness …

Look at you, sitting there wherever you are, mobile and a fully functioning adult. What have we come to? Using our able bodies to get from point A to point B like little jerks. Wouldn't the world would be that much more enjoyable if we could have someone push us around like when we were children? If only a company would make a life-sized stroller for those of us who own our laziness.

But they have! Introducing the grown-ass stroller for adults. Made by Contour Strollers, the exact adult replica was created as a way to show parents just how comfortable the company's strollers really are — considering getting feedback from a baby is about as easy as getting through to any one of the customer service call centers that exist on the planet.

Though, the reality is, these strollers aren't up for sale (yet), for obvious reasons of them probably not having a huge market for adult carriers. Start deciding now who you want to keep around as friends, though, because when/if they do go on sale to the general public, you're going to need a solid BF to push that monstrosity around to the bars on the weekends.