Man, what a great idea. Why didn't we do this years ago?

Despite the shocking documentary "Reefer Madness," civilization hasn't collaped after the legalization of marijuana in our fine state. In fact, stats from the FBI and Colorado Department of Transportation show that traffic violations and crime has actually decreased. 

But best of all, our state has an ass-load of extra cash lying around after raking in the 28% tax on the devil's lettuce. 

At the current tally, we've got $58 million burning a hole in Colorado's bank account. So what the hell should we do with it? If you answered, "Buy everyone in the state a few chalupas," we completely agree. By a legal technicality, the state would be slated to give us all that money back as a tax refund. But the higher-ups at the state capitol have a more productive idea. 

The website MIC has a great synopsis of where the cash will end up. 

If voters approve the measure, Colorado would see $40 million in pot profits channeled back into education through its public school capital construction assistance fund. Another $12 million would support things like youth programs, marijuana educations and law enforcement. The remaining $6 million would be given to the state’s general fund, according to the draft of House Bill 15-1367.

We've always thought that children are our future. 

Our favorite part is that this figure is only based on buying bud — the numbers aren't factoring in the sale of bongs, pipes and hollowed-out apples people bought because they couldn't find their favorite piece.