Not a whole lot in this world lasts past its initial year of inception. Forbes tells us that a staggering 80 percent of new business owners bomb out within the first 18 months. Of those, almost half fail because of plain old incompetence – that unattractive yet terribly common quality that most of our exes share with one another. It’s one of those bummers of a statistic that we just have to shake off and expect that our new favorite FroYo place up the street won’t be here by next spring.

And since we know you’re wondering, magazines generally flop within the first six months. Suck on that piece of wisdom for a minute, won’t you? Moral: We’re here to stay.

So when we got word of the ARISE Music and Arts Festival coming back for its second year, we were all but thrilled. It’s dropping its brand of positivity again on Aug 8 – 10 with a baller status of a lineup. If you remember from last year’s coverage – we dug the ever-loving sweet-vibe-positivity-hell out of it and couldn’t wait for ARISE to poke its head back into Loveland, CO again. From what the ARISE camp has told us so far, they’ve got one doozy of a weekend set up. Incompetent in their offerings, they are not.

Here are some of our favorite kickers so far:


Beats Antique ★ Galactic featuring Chali 2na & Lyrics Born ★ The Infamous Stringdusters ★ Grateful Grass featuring Keller Williams, Billy Nershi (String Cheese Incident) & Reed Mathis ★ The Polish Ambassador ★ Groundation ★ Tribal Seeds ★ Nahko and Medicine for the People ★ Quixotic ★ The Everyone Orchestra, conducted by Matt Butler and featuring Steve Kimock and many more…

Ticket Info:

The Early Bird and Tier One 3-day passes are already sold the f out – so we suggest that if you’ve even got that one small inkling of going, you buy the tickets now because they just go up in price from here on out. Ticket info can be found HERE. Do it.

Camping Info:

Yup, it’s a real festival with real camping and everything. Granted it’s only about an hour’s drive outside of the big city, but who really wants to commute everyday when you can just pitch a tent and pretend like you’re worlds away? Camping & Lodging info HERE.

Official Hashtags:

It’s not a 21st century festival if it doesn’t have official hashtags. Instagram, tweet and Facebook your fingers off before, during and after the show. This years officials are: #AriseFestival and #AriseFestival2014

Keep your eyes glued to our successful and non-flopping publication for the latest news on the festival. Who knows what we have in store for you this year? We sure don’t. So it’ll be a surprise to us all.