With the entire plot of Idiocracy about to be acted out in real life on January 20th, no one would blame you if you needed to inhale some pot.

No one.

Thankfully, a pot advocacy group called DCMJ has a plan to make that a bit easier for you … if you live in Washington D.C.

The group has pledged to hand out 4,200 free joints to of-age citizens near Dupont Circle in D.C. before marching to the National Mall in protest of the incoming presidency's anti-weed stance. That's a nice, round number of joints, no?

It is, thanks for asking. And thank you for asking if this is legal as well.

It is. You can legally possess a small amount of weed in the District of Columbia but, like everywhere else, it's illegal to smoke it in public. However, DCMJ leader Adam Eidinger did tell ABC News he thought the idea of smoking the free joints publicly would be "a great act of civil disobedience in light of the silence [on marijuana reform] coming from the Trump administration," so … it's a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing.

DCMJ is strongly opposed to Trump's appointment of Jeff Sessions for attorney general, since Sessions he's been such a notorious anti-weed zealot throughout his ultra-conservative political career. At a Senate hearing in April 2016, Sessions said that "good people don't smoke marijuana" and it is "not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized."

Oh! Well we must be terrible people, then. Lymphoma-stricken children plagued by severe seizures must be terrible people, then. Grandmas who can't sleep unless they toke? Terrible, terrible people as well. The absolute worst.

Thank god weed is known to help battle mental health afflictions like depression and anxiety caused by sentiments like Sessions'. And thank god some people are handing it out free, even if it happens to be something like 308,388 miles away from where we live.

"We would love not to do this," Eidinger added, echoing the pain stoners everywhere feel at the idea of giving away free weed. "We feel compelled to do it, and if we heard any sign from Donald Trump that he was serious about reform and Jeff Sessions was serious about reform … we would call it off."

But … no sign of that, so on January 20th, weed shall fall from the sky on the good people of our nation's capital. Silver lining much?