Canadian stoners smoked their last illegal joint ever yesterday, as Canada fully legalizes cannabis today, only the second country to do it, after Uruguay.

So what's it like up there?  What're the rules? Each Canadian province is making its own guidelines, but here are some generalities: 

Where can I buy it?

Pot is being sold in stores and even online.

Will they sell weed at Tim Hortons with poutine and maple syrup?

Not yet.

How much can I have?

You can generally walk around with one ounce of weed, roughly 30 to 60 joints.

Can I boof it?


How old?

Youngins can buy. In most provinces, you only have to be 19, and in a few, like Quebec, it's 18.

Can I bring Canadian pot back to the states?

How good are you at boofing it?

What'll it cost?

About the same as Colorado pot, perhaps $7 or $10 a gram.

Where can I smoke?

A lot of places. In several provinces, anywhere that cigarette smoking is legal, including the streets. Unlike America, you are legally allowed to smoke at campgrounds and ski areas.

But I already smoke at campgrounds and ski areas.

Look at you, you little rebel.

Can I grow at home?

You can, up to four plants per household most places, though some provinces are prohibiting home grows.  

Is Canada cooler than the U.S. now?

This isn't high school. Let's just be happy for them on their special day.

Look how stoked the first purchaser was: 

Reminds you of what Colorado's first legal purchaser looked like in 2014:

photo - first marijuana purchase in Colorado