And you can't even do weed off a stripper's ass.

The hype surrounding Colorado weed is unstoppable. It’s become the global benchmark to which all other weed is compared and people are willing to pay stupid amounts for it. Case in point – rich stoners in the UK.

Vice reports that the draw of Colorado’s much-hyped weed has some of England’s most dedicated pot enthusiasts paying upwards of $1,000 for an ounce of it. That’s pretty much cocaine level prices, and you can’t even do it off a stripper’s ass. Gahd damn!

While the average price for an ounce of weed in the UK is about $300, attaching the Colorado name to an ounce can bring in an extra 700 bucks or so. Whether or not the weed is actually from Colorado matters very little. Some of the weed selling for $1,000 is definitely being illegally imported from Colorado to the UK, while some of it definitely isn’t. What a crock of shit.

This kind of pricing is especially absurd when you consider the fact that you can pretty easily get an ounce from a Denver dispensary for $150 if you shop around or use coupons. That’s like a 670% price increase if it’s sold for $1,000 in England. That kind of price gouging is in direct violation of stoner ethics. Shame on you, English drug dealers. Shame.

The crazy international demand for Colorado weed is reportedly being perpetuated by the Internet, with sites like Instagram and Facebook showing stoners worldwide what they’re missing out on. Sure, Colorado weed is really really good, but is this lust for kush worthwhile? Apparently.

This isn’t the first time Colorado and its legal weed has been accused of creating a black market with its dank goodies. Just a few weeks ago the Supreme Court refused to consider a lawsuit from Oklahoma and Nebraska that claimed Colorado’s legal weed was creating a huge “green market” in the neighboring states. Sorry, losers.

Couldn’t this whole problem be solved if marijuana was just legal everywhere? Yes, yes it could, but that reality seems far off and we’re fine with things the way they are, so long as we don’t have to pay a thousand bucks for an ounce anytime soon. Because we don’t even have $1,000 for food and rent, let alone our casual drug habit.