You can't write comedy this good. An Oregon gun store is feeling the heat from parents after placing crosshairs on the uniforms of a kids T-ball team it was sponsoring. Team "Ninjas" is a boys and girls team ranging in age from 4 to 6-years-old and is currently sponsored by Rapid Fire Arms store. The gun store sponsored the team to help purchase uniforms but the parents aren't having it. 

One mom stating: “Cross hairs on the chests of 5 and 6-year-old children is inappropriate,” she told

To which the owner of the gun store replied: "Honestly, I think it's kind of a positive message that there are people out there that want to help,” he said. “The industry gets a bad rep sometimes and most of us are everyday people that want communities to be safer, happier.” 

Hey, if we're going to make it harder to get guns, then we must balance the playing field and make it easier to target children.